Maelog Lake ariel view

The history of Maelog Lake

A thriving shipbuilding industry once existed on the shores of Maelog Lake. It was established in 1787. In that year the eleven ton sloop, Old Fisher was built. It is thought that the ships were floated along the man made channel on the West side of the lake to the sea. The main road into the village now crosses the outlet.

The lake was also the water supply for the village, until 1968 when the main water supply was connected to Llyn Alaw. The water tower was pulled down and the old pump house is now used as holiday accommodation

In 2011 it became the first lake in Wales to be classified as a village green

The lake is 65 acres in total and seven foot deep in various places

maelog 1

There is a good stock of fish in the lake including Perch, Bream & Roach. That's if they haven't been eaten by the Pike!

There is a footpath from which one can enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

maelog 2

Walkers enjoying the tranquility.

A large variety of birdlife inhabits the reedbeds. Grey Heron, Snipes, Reed Warblers, Coots, Mallard, Shelducks etc. Black headed gulls nest on the small island.

Annual visitors to the lake are the Grey Lag Geese from Scandinavia. It is a common sight to see them flying in V formation heading for other lakes inland or flying to Malltraeth - another conservation area rich in birdlife and former home of Tunnicliffe the bird artist

maelog 3

Cormorants can often be seen on the rocks with wings outstretched to dry.

maelog 4

Swans by the lake side with a cygnet just visible under the hen bird's wing.

An attempt is being made by the council to entice the Bittern back to Anglesey. Well kept, marshy reed beds are the ideal habitat for these birds which were near to extinction at one point.

maelog 5